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At KinderMission Academy we THRIVE at providing all of our students with exceptional academics.
Our motto is: "Play, Learn, Create."
Our lead teachers all hold a degree or higher and receive extensive training from our mentor teacher and additional programs. By implementing the Creative Curriculum and enhancing our six learning centers: Science/Math, Manipulatives, Blocks/Music, Art, Language Development, and Dramatic Play; our students will be well equipped as they transition into Kindergarten. 
Science/ Math

The science/math center gives children a taste of nature and numbers. In this center children will be able to study and use natural items that are found right in their own backyard (pine cones, small logs, leaves) and use tools such as magnifying glasses to explore these items more in depth. Children will also be able to incorporate math into their learning through the many different shapes, colors, and counting that is involved with science.


The art center gives children the freedom of expression. Through many different materials such as scissors, crayons, and markers that strengthen fine motor skills to other materials such as magazines, tissue paper, and glue that supply creativity students are able to express themselves through their drawings, paintings, and collages.


The manipulative center allows children to strengthen fine motor skills through manipulating activities such as connecting toys, puzzles, and stringing toys. This center aids in increasing the attention span of children and allows them to explore shapes, numbers, and colors.

Language Development

The language development center gives children the opportunity to relax and take some much needed quiet time for themselves throughout the day. In this center we encourage literacy skills through a diverse selection of books, magnetic letters, and dry erase boards where they can practice letter, number, and name writing.


Blocks/ Music

The block center encourages children to engage in cooperative play while creating and building structures. Buildings, cities, and tracks are some of the many structures that children love to construct.  This center will also become music and movement at various points in the day. Allowing children to explore varieties of music increases their cultural awareness as well as the awareness of the flexibility and different movements of their bodies.

Dramatic Play

The dramatic play inspires children to explore many different roles, situations, and tools that encourage everyday living. In this center, children learn through role playing to which they learn to problem solve as well as gain social emotional development.

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